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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Life is Fleeting

During rainy conditions today, while traveling something like 60-65 miles per hour while going South on the Grand Parkway I hit a dog.  I was driving our Mini Cooper, a.k.a. The Super Mario cart after a visit with my husband's side of the family for a baby shower.  The dog came out of nowhere and I promise you this, I didn't see him/her until it was in my rearview mirror.  A white SUV was behind me in the left lane, I was in the right.

I was totally stunned.  I actually only felt the rear right tire lift and from what I can see, the dog seemed to weigh somewhere between our former dog, Bacon and our dog Shadow which translates roughly to 80+ pounds.  I kept driving (I know I should have stopped) because I could tell in my rear view mirror, it was a goner, not to mention the fact I would have had no tool or way to put the dog out of his misery.  I was also, as I stated, leaving a baby shower and it was raining and had been for sometime.

I called my husband, very shaken but proceeded onward toward home.  My hands kept shaking at the enormity of taking a life.  Though it was a dog or coyote, I was trembling.  This is the second dog that I have hit and back in high school I hit a cat.  At any rate, I drove on.

Another 15 miles later, my A.C. wasn't cooling and the windows were fogging terribly.  Then the light came on and went from orange to red in 3 seconds flat.  My phone was dying and I had no cord for charging.  The light was an indicator that the engine was overheating.  I wondered if something in the incident made me lose oil.  I phoned Glen, again and he told me to pull over.  By the time I reached the Rosenburg exit I had made an erroneous assumptiom of the A.C. and the warning light. When I turned off all the fans, etc. the light went off.  I was having great difficulty seeing though my windshield, passed my exit and then low and behold the light was on again.  After pulling over onto 2218, I called Glen again, gave him a report and let the car cool. When pulling to a stop, it all but died. I got out and looked toward the passenger fender (where I thought the dog hit) and found no damage.  I had truly only felt the back passenger tire lift.

I let it cool and tried again but only made it one exit further pulled into the McD on 36 and called Glen again. He told me to wait while he found me.  I sat and chewed off most of one of my "fake" nails.  When Glen arrived he was surprised to see a lot of the front end hanging and dented.  After inspecting the damage and finding dog/coyote hair he determined I hit it head on.  The radiator was smashed.  For the record it is now more than 5 hours later and my heart is still racing.

Why? Why was the accident not more profound to me--- why didn't the car careen and then roll, why didn't I slam on the breaks (even afterwards)?  Why?  The Mini Cooper is super low to the ground, why didn't I get hurt?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Parting

What is the great division in the Church?  Tell about it, what lead up to it and what it looks like today.

Living the Good Life

Around the year 300 AD, a group of hermits came together in community.  This was the beginning of the practice of Monastic Life.  Tell more about monastic life:  the history, what it entails, etc.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Heretics one way, Councils the other

A heretic is someone that rejects at least one truth of our faith.  Councils were developed to combat heresy.  Tell a little about the history of either one.  It is filled with some interesting info.

Constanine Played A Large Part of Our Church History

Write a sentence or two about the church before Constantine and what it was like or during his reign.  You can write your own findings or extend a classmates.

Saint Ambrose

Who is St. Ambrose?  Write your own unique sentence or respond and extend someone else's. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Service Hours, Service Hours, and more Service Hours

What is the big deal with service hours?  Do you find yourself wondering this?  The answer to this question is a multi-layered one.

Now that you are entering your last year at St. Philip School, you wear a totally different hat than you ever had.  You were always following someone else's lead.  Now it is your turn.  There are a lot of benefits of being the leader and there are also a lot of challenges.  There are phrases that you will hear quite often from Mrs. Edwards, myself and other teachers.  Service hours are a huge bite out of what culminates (or rounds up and finishes) your Religion instruction at St. Philip School.

By the end of January you will need to have accumulated fifteen documented clock hours for Service.  These hours are split into 2-3 categories.  Here is how it works.  You must have at least five clock hours in the category of Church/School.  Church/School means St. Philip or your home church.  This can be Catholic or not.  But to be a part of a church is to be a part of a greater community.  That means service to a large group of people.  If you worked to move teacher belongings from one room to another for Mrs. Stary, Mrs. Edwards, or Mr. Stary for let's say, seven hours, on Monday.  You can have the adult in charge sign the appropriate form that stated so.  If you worked VBS, things are a little different.  The max you can claim for VBS is 3 hours.  This is because VBS is a lot of fun and goofing off.... I know, I have helped with plenty. Moving belongings from one classroom to another is HARD sweaty work and we want to be sure our hours are as fair as possible.  Being an altar server you can count as well.  You will need to adult in charge of seeing you serve sign your form.  This will mean the acting sacristan.  Usually in the summer St. Philip Parish has a work day to do maintenace to the building.

You must also have at least five clock hours doing service work for the elderly and/or handicapped.  This is for anyone ill or unable to do something for themselves.  Documentation will work the same.  You will need to have the adult in charge of the work to sign off on the number of hours you worked with a one or two sentence description of what you did.  I have had anything from painting an elderly woman's toenails to organizing a fishing tackle box.  Unfortunately, you cannot do work for your own grandparents or even those grandparents of a classmate.  This is familial duty, not service hours.  More on that after school starts.

You need to do an additional five hours where ever you would like.  If you want to sit in the Respect Life line for an hour, that counts.  If you want to shelf books for the public library, that also counts.  If you would like to pick up aluminum cans on the side of the road for five hours and donate the money to SPS, that counts too.

I can further explain all of this once school starts.  You are also welcome to comment on this blog with any questions.  Chances are if you have a question, so does someone else. 

Once I obtain your email address, I will send your the service hour document.  Please save it to your computer.  I will post it on our Edline, Religion page once I have access.

God Bless you and your family,
Mrs. J